Costume Return Policy

I woke up one day looking through someone else’s eyes.
The mirror was the hardest part at first, a slight family resemblance
but no indication of shared identity.
But stranger was looking at lovers and friends
–not as if it was the first time– but as if you didn’t know
where you knew them from, and then over-laid was a nauseating indifference
to them that fogged all sight, all tastes, all smells.
I’m not just stuck in depression, I think I’m stuck in someone else’s world.
I can not be let out by exploring within, . you
are asking me to buy an air freshener for the car I have stolen.
“You are a survivor. You have survived great things.”
I do not feel strong. Maybe it was Never My Body to begin with
so to hear it belonged to him was easy to believe.


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