I was raised by Guilt and Shame.
By “I love you” and “No one likes you”
by touches of love and touches of too much.
I was raised by money and “stop faking it.”
“How convenient it is that you’re sick.”
Raised by “that’s probably why bad things happen to you.”
Raised by “we’re your #1 fans”
but “you wish.” “None of your friends are real.”
By lies and locked hot cars
by “I don’t like your friend.”
By shaking and “I wish I could punch you,” and “give me your hand!”
By “suck it in.” “No dinner tonight.”
And somehow I am whole and full and loving.
Maybe it was the little things that you got right.
maybe it was me.


One thought on “Rearing”

  1. This is true brilliance I absolutely love your poem you are so talented it’s perfect. I hope you continue always to write, the world needs to hear this. You are very talented.


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