-Author’s Note

Writing has helped me work through my trauma, hurt and sadness; it has allowed me to acknowledge all the tremendously beautiful parts of life and love. I’ve often used it as a healing tool through mental illness, though in a way that makes me feel as though pain has some benefit, some beauty and growth to it. Even if it feels paralyzing, I notice myself becoming stronger and moving forward through bad feelings and memories by processing all my past realities in front of me. That being said, today is my two week mark since I decided to die. Almost every moment since then has felt romantically perfect and my body convinces itself I’m in love with every sunset, friend, and landscape. I am living (and maybe have always lived) very intensely. I thank you for all the support you have given me surrounding my scratch paper art and I promise to treasure my own life and body more moving forward, but still self-recognize. I may never stop noticing.


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