Heavens (A dreamed 10 year plan)

Cold enough winter with chilled walks on the beach. Summer spent in parks, with sunburns that sting well. Spring spent in forests. Fall in the city. Fall always in the city.
Every morning I kiss your head on the porch and we watch a winter sunrise with a different tea each day. (There’s a “we”). We wake at the same time for jobs in the city. We both love what we do. And we have our own worlds, parallel and intersecting.
Many Saturdays we wake up a little late – but we are so rigid with a beloved routine that it’s hard to really sleep in – and we cook in a well-lit kitchen. There are things that you are good at that I can’t do.
at night I read articles and write next to you in bed. You love to draw or read or see or understand – it doesn’t matter because I just like that you love – and you do it here with me. I’m so glad you’re here.
I hold my sad away from me but when it creeps in, it sleeps between us in bed. The warmth there melts it and I am always healing in life.


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