Like counting sheep

Us in depression
we are always looking for a way to pass the time
without living it.
So I slept
I slept.
But it wasn’t enough,
as daylight a headache and nighttime a heartache
a heartache so deep I thought perhaps I was digesting myself.
So instead I looked to my future
in the same way you look down a tunnel in the metro,
cautiously impatient but feeling you are risking life.
And I saw a whole lot of time spending,
hiding from daylights and sleeping away moons
just so I could reach enough earth revolutions until
my parting was appropriate.
In case you wondered,
that’s why I drove to the bridge.
I thought I had been wasting time.
I was tired from this carousel,
Getting gifted my own possessions.
Do you know how often
I go to sleep telling myself a lullaby of
think of all the time that disappears?


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