Space, Wasted

Today afternoon
I lived on a sliver of time that
I held like I’d hold a child –though–
was not surprised that it proudly cut me open
to then selfishly compare itself to my worsts.
to stare the earth in its eyes
expect it to look back. Collide with your body.
as. the only way to influence you is to deconstruct you.
So your shivers are such a pleasant but unwelcome quiet agony.
In memories I am fractured fractured FRACTURED
perfect to now be bite size as in everything I am always swallowed rather
than melted down.
You come with a tint of what you’ve (s/b)een before so
to let more life in you’ll find you have to let some out.
// never find meanings if you wear lenses of glass blown from the wrong. ones.
In travel and movement and progress, you are always taken with you;
consider leaving some of yourself behind.

-On packing light to becoming better.


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