Every time your eyes flick down,
wincing at a said word,
I’ll kiss the knots outta your mind
find that smile only comparable to a bundle of
cherries in the summer.

I put roses by you today.
It felt like you weren’t with me,
they always go to graves or cross lovers,
but I’m trying to bring you back from some other place.
Touch the petals to your lips and come back to me.

I could tell you fingertips to fingertips feels like
even after all this time.
There’s always a special day when every hour is magic hour
and you are always shining gold in every curve of your face.
I had a girlfriend who always took me out at 8pm in the summer
to photograph my eyes lit up with setting suns.
I will take you out every minute to shine you back at the world.
Take you from your bed that looks a lot like a closed
box to me lately. And the earth can wear your feet again.


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