A letter and prayer

Thank you
“wind beneath wings etc.”
Do people take time to thank their lover
for being their lover?
I’d thank a stranger for looking me in the eyes,
for admiring me for, frankly,
what they imagine I am.
That’s a nice thought, nah?
Thank you for smiling at me when you make me eggs over easy.
Thick black hair that runs coarse like no river
I ever saw. Like no tree I ever saw.
I look but do not touch.
That nature of you is all yours
and I’ll stare, and I’ll thank you,
and I may be gracious,
(sweet honey)
while I am sour.
I might be the moon, as you say,
but in that case you are all of sky and space to me.
Oh, lover and friend,
thank you for all the things that you want me to see.


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